lliving in a fast pace world- Avoiding burn out

Hello everyone,
This is the last blog on this series. I wanted to touch on how to avoid burnt out. I know the stresses of this fast world and everyday life gets to me and I can get burnt out very easy if I don’t take care of “me” first. I have no doubt others get burnt out as well.
I would like to share the way I avoid getting burnt out. I learned years ago that it does not hurt anything or anyone to do something nice for myself. I went years of feeling guilty every time I did something for myself and if I spend money on myself I would feel bad that I was not spending it on the children. It took me years to get over that. It took me forcing myself to spend something on myself and fighting that voice in my head. I now do something for myself and take care of myself. As a wise friend taught me years ago, which was, you will not be any good to the children if you do not take care of yourself.
After that I started just that. Not everything we do for ourself, always have to mean spending money. When I feel wore out and need a break I will take a walk, watch a tv show, spend time doing something I enjoy doing. It is important for us, (especially parents) to take care of ourselves first. Taking time out to rest, relax, enjoy life in general helps one to be able to take care of everyday demands that are required of us.
Now I am able and not feel bad about treating myself to buy a cup of coffee once a week. Another thing that helps me is putting the children to bed at a reasonable hour and give myself time to wind down. A key is getting enough sleep, to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.
As everyone knows if a person does not get enough sleep everyone who encounters that individual can usually tell that possibly they did not receive enough sleep, due to the mood they are expressing. So if you can make time for yourself to do something you enjoy it helps to re-engerize and be able to face the crazy world we live in.
I hope you enjoyed this series. As I said in the beginning of the series, I’m just an ordinary person who wants to share my experiences and knowledge with others. After all knowledge is power and if we are open we can learn something everyday.


balancing a healthy family life in a fast pace world

hello everyone:)
before I started this journey, I was only posting on my google page and I ended up staring a post section on my google page that did not get posted for the rest of my audience. So for this post I am going to repost my second post. I hope you enjoy. Again, post comments, questions. I would like to hear from you.
Hello everyone! In this segment of the series, “balancing a healthy family life,” is partnership. I want to talk on the importance of partners taking time out for each other and for singles parents to take time out for themselves.
A strong foundation is important when it comes to a health family. For 18 years, I was a single mother, of two boys. Even though, I was alone, I still had to be that strong foundation for them. The same applies for partners. I believe a strong relationship helps to build a strong foundation for the family. How? I have had people ask, how do you have a strong relationship? I tell them, I dedicate time to my partner.
Doing activities, you done before children come along should not stop. Around our home we have date night, once a week; we take time out of our busy schedules, to spend time with each other, just the two of us.
Usually, the first thing that comes to people’s minds when one says date night, people think of money. However, that is not always the case. Taking a walk together, going on a hike, a bike ride together, and sitting outside after the kids go to bed, watching a movie on the TV. these are all things one can do on date night and there is no cost at all. It is very important for partners and even single parents to take time out for themselves and each other, doing things you enjoy doing.
If a tired, overworked parent needs to deal with working, and family, as you all know, it is very difficult, more so, if you are feeling wore down. Let me tell you a word of wisdom, I was given, “that you will not be any good to your family IF you do not take care of yourself.” That was a word of wisdom from a dear friend of mine. You think about it and you will see it is so true. I am speaking from experience. I have no doubt a lot of you reading this have been there.
There have been times, I set aside tasks, I was doing (in this example: schoolwork) and treated myself to a quite hour. It included putting kids to bed early and going there me. The function levels are drastically, different, when you take care of yourself and try to function in this crazy life, rather, than allow yourself to get run down. We have all been there.
By taking time out for yourself and each other it helps to balance out the home and strengthens the family’s foundation.
I encourage all of you to take time out for yourself and for each other. Remember, on date night you do not have to pay to spend time with your partner, nor is there any costs to sit down with a good book and take time out for yourself.
Til next time confident 🙂

balancing a healthy family & life series

Hello everyone,

Sorry it has taking more than 3 days to get back to our series. I just got done having a busy week it was graduation week for my college course. It feels wonderful to be done with my 2 yr. associates degree (in health administration) 🙂 and I’m looking forward to my 2 week break before I begin my Bachelor program. Anyway, enough about me. I want to continue my series and in this blog I would like to focus on the body, mind and spirit. I want to start with a fun fact: did you know that our bodies lose 9 ounces of water on a daily basis? (“Got Water”, 2014).  If you would like to learn more fun facts on water I’ll leave the reference to the site at the bottom of this article.  Nutrition, as we all know, is am important part of staying healthy. We as every one knows, not only should we eat right and exercise,drinking water to hydrate our bodies is an important part of the nutrition component. After going through my health classes it amazed me at how many of us do not get the proper amount of water and reach for the wrong kinds of beverage to hydrate our bodies. When in fact most of the beverages we turn to dehydrate our bodies. I believe that there is more to healthy living than just diet and exercise. I believe the body, soul and spirit all work together to make up for a complete health body. A lot of people believe in a high power and I’m not going to touch on religion, as a lot of us have different beliefs and I want to respect everyone’s beliefs. I will tell you I believe in having a relationship with God. I believe in a relationship not religion. What ever a person’s belief is we should all feed our spirit just as we feed our physical body, for me personally I turn to prayer and the Holy Bible. When we feed our spirit our faith grows, just as when we feed our body the right foods we strengthen our body. there are as a lot of us are aware of, different ways to clear and feed the mind if I may phrase it that way. Ill give a few examples in mind, meditation, yoga,pray, anything that stills the mind, spirit and the body. That is what I believe makes up the full health of each of us as individuals. Please give me your feedback on what i said and remember to feed your body, spirit and soul (mind). I also, believe we need all the proper nutrition we can get living in such a fast pace world. This is the key, I believe, to living a health, happy life. until next time feel free to comment and give me feedback. Also if you have any questions about your health, feel free to ask. After all, I learned a lot about our health and other topics concerning our health through my degree program. I  feel like I just got done going through medical school. So, ask away and I’ll answer the questions to the best of my ability.
Here is a question for all of you; what are your thought on sitting around the table eating meals to connect with your family? In our home we call it table time, because it gives all of us a chance to check in with each other to tell each other what occurred during our day.
Until next time! Be confident in all you do.

Got water. (2014). Retrieved from http://www.gotwater.net/water_tips.htm

balancing a healthy family & life

Hello everyone.

In today’s world, life, as we know it is very busy. For both single individuals and families with “busy” being a part of our everyday life, we just deal with the craziness as we know it. I would like to look at different ways to balance a healthy lifestyle in a fast pace world.

First, let me say, I am not an expert. I am only another person living life to best of my ability, as other individuals like you.

If I may, I would like to take a moment to tell you about myself, and as I do you will see that I am just another person. I have a family and live a crazy life, doing my best to juggle family, college, work, and what I like to call, “me time.” As I got further, in my medical administration studies, I was woken to the details behind the importance of balancing a healthy lifestyle. I want to share on a variety of different subtopics, within this broad topic. Topics, I want to touch on is importance of healthy eating, taking time off for yourself, a parenting technique I find very helpful, known, as the “circle of security,”  the importance of partners taking time out to spend with each other and feeding the heart, body and soul. These as just a handful of areas we will be covering in this series.

I will be touching on a new area every three days, as I want everyone to have an opportunity to read what I touched on and give time for everyone to ask questions you may have for me. Please adopt my philosophy about questions, which, is no question is a stupid question, no matter if it may sound silly or feel silly. To ask is getting knowledge and knowledge is power. I invite you all to ask questions. I will be looking forward to reading your questions and answering them to the best of my ability. I will also, answer them as promptly as possible. Also, feel free to comment on the posts.

The main question is how do we balance a healthy family and a healthy life in today’s fast pace world?   The area I want to touch on in this post is sharing with you all the parenting technique known as “circle of security”.

I realize this area, is not necessarily the first thing we should begin with when we are focusing on balancing a healthy lifestyle. I do believe, not only does every area, I am going to touch on all work together in order to balance a health life, but I believe the family is the heart of our lives. I say that, because, we as parents, put our children’s needs before our own. I hope I’m making sense to everyone.

The circle of security is a proven study that was done to set a road map for parents on how our children respond and patterns they unconsciously follow daily. The concept is to meet the child where he or she is. Visualize an oval shape circle only sideways. The circle is divided into two sections, top section, represents, the child’s, “emotional cup” being full. Meaning, the child is satisfied, physically and emotionally. They are out exploring their world.  The bottom half of the circle, represent, the child looking to get or needing their cup filled. An example, is when a toddler is playing then stops and looks back at his parent, he is looking for reassurance that it is OK for him to play. Once he receives, that assurance, he goes back to playing. When he returns to playing, it tells us his cup is full as he is content.  I try my best to meet, my children, where they are and in doing so, they feel loved and that they are receiving adequate attention, which I believe, helps motivate positive behaviors.

Keep in mind; I’m only sharing things with you that have helped me. I can also say with confidence, I have had to deal with both positive modeled behavior and negative. My children, I struggled with negative behavior, before I was introduced, to the skills in the “circle of security.” Once I began meeting them where they were the behavior improved. It does work. The trick is to remember, to meet them where they are emotional, mentally and physically.

I say all this, to come to the point, meeting our children, where they are, is a big part of balancing a healthy family lifestyle. I invite you to ask questions and share your comments. In a few days, I will write on another area of this topic.  Bye for now, Confident